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Goodwill Solutions

Goodwill Solutions

lauren nicklin7 Mar - 14:44
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Our Sponsor of the week

Ian, coach of the Vipers had these words to share.
We proudly represent the Kingsthorpe Jets Vipers Under 10s, a dynamic youth football team committed to fostering a love for the beautiful game. Our primary objective extends beyond the field, aiming to instil crucial values such as teamwork, dedication, and self-improvement in the young players we nurture.

In our pursuit of improving everyone, our coaches diligently cultivate a positive and supportive environment, recognising football as a catalyst for personal growth and development.

Throughout the current season, we've showcased resilience and determination in league matches, securing victories through disciplined defending and purposeful, accurate attacks. Despite facing narrow defeats due to fine margins, we have consistently demonstrated a strong team spirit and togetherness.

Presently, our full squad of 14 players ensures equitable playing time for everyone during matchdays. However, as we transition to 9-a-side matches in September, we may consider adding one or two players to our squad.

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We are privileged to have Goodwill Solutions as our sponsor, a Moulton Park-based company with a commendable focus on supporting the local community. During the summer, I learned through a friend that Goodwill Solutions sought to sponsor local sports clubs aligning with their community-centric ethos. After extensive communication with Brandon, John, and Liam, we successfully conveyed our philosophy of not only developing footballers but also guiding children through their journey as young individuals. Goodwill Solutions embraced our vision, emphasising the importance of building a familial atmosphere within our team.

Upon finalising the sponsorship, we invited the Goodwill Solutions team to training sessions, fostering connections with our players and integrating them into our events. This collaboration epitomises a synergistic partnership between a local company and a sports club, both dedicated to community development.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the entire team at Goodwill Solutions, and we aspire to maintain this meaningful alliance for years to come.

Liam Fassam Managing Director for Goodwill Solutions said
“We are pleased to be supporting such a great football club [Kingsthorpe Jets], a club that has helped over 1,000 young people annually through its footballing activities.
As a company we pride ourselves on delivering sustained social value, and this is a great way for Goodwill Solutions to support our local community and make a difference. We look forward to working with the football club into the future.”

For more details about Goodwill Solutions, visit their website:

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